Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Official Start of Summer

It is officially summer now that Memorial Day has passed.  I feel we were so blessed to be able to get away for a fantastic trip up to our favorite lake, Lake Michigan.  We were so fortunate to have Friday through Monday in our favorite camping cabin near Michigan City, IN.

I love camping cabins, especially when they have a private bathroom, a splurge!  There is no real kitchen, just a sink, small refrigerator, and microwave, no worries.  I am not there to cook.  There is one sleeping room with two bunks. The best part of the cabin is the front porch with the picnic table. It has just enough room to set our folding chairs and drink our coffee each morning.  Awww, blissful.

The tidy campground itself is family owned and operated, which I love. They keep the grounds well maintained.  The pool is the main attraction for our kids.  If they did not have one, we would probably look for another spot, it is so important.  I love the laundry facilities myself.  I was able to wash three loads at once while they swam.  That means no big laundry to do when we get home.  Yay!

This being a holiday weekend, the campground was full.  That was to be expected.  It was still nicer than going to the state park with literally 10,000 others trying to get to the beach.  After doing that for years, we are now a little wiser!

This year, we did go to a very lovely beach a little farther east, only 20 minutes from our cabin in New Buffalo, Michigan.  We were able to park close and enjoy the beautiful day with fewer "friends." There we have gone since before we were married, but not often with kids, as the state park beach is closer to Grandma.

In closing, here are some pictures from our weekend below.  I never tire of the beauty up north.  You know it is a good trip when you get home and start searching Zillow for a beach home.  Sadly, it is not in our budget, but it is fun to dream about.  We get to go back in July, September, and October.  I will be content with those wonderful gifts!

Us in the cabin.

Michigan City lighthouse

National Lakeshore access in Beverly Shores, IN. 

Grandma joined us at Deep River Park in Hobart, IN.

New Buffalo, MI 


  1. The cabin sounds delightful!

    1. It is perfect for our stage of life. One day I hope to have a little camper for two, when we can afford a newer tow vehicle as well. After the "baby" is finished with college, it might happen!!

  2. This type of camping sounds like fun! The campground you describe sounds so nice.

    1. It is the way to go right now, for sure! I like less work and the bathroom is awesome.