Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Walk Through My Favorite Little City Park

In our old town, where we still go to church and now my husband works, there is my favorite little city park near our church.  The past two weeks before youth group, we have stopped to take a walk.  I miss being just down the road, but these little visits are just the thing until we move back north next year, LORD willing.


  1. Nice family pics! A move in the picture, huh? Good thing you're doing such a good job of cleaning out now. :-)

    1. Yes, the purging has an important motive. We moved down south an hour from church for a job. The job moved back north and we can't move until our son graduates next May. Oh well. That gives me a lot of time to purge and prep this house!

  2. Such a beautiful park! And, I can imagine you are excited to move back in a year :)

  3. What a pretty park! Some of the pictures look like you are way out in the country somewhere -- it looks like you could be near me. :) So any thoughts on what type of house you would like to move to next?