Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Less is More

I am in the mood to purge, everything except books.  I want to really dig down deep and just get rid of everything that I hang on to "just in case."  That is so hard for me because I have had to buy things that I have given away.  My husband calls it the "Flylady Syndrome."  I would purge until it hurt and then later I would need something that I had given away, necessitating another purchase.  We agreed to NEVER give away any exercise equipment.  Moods come and go and you never know when you will miss those ankle weights.  (I do miss them! Not the step, though.  It was cheap.)

Despite the real fear, I remain in the mood to purge ahead of a move, getting a child off to college, and just wanting to be free of clutter.  Ah. to be free of clutter.  Perhaps my mind would be free as well?

The downside is that I am a sentimental hoarder (anything owned by my grandparents) and thrift store junkie.  I am actually going to one tonight.  Why?  I cannot help myself.  What if there are books there that are on my to-read list?  It happens.  No matter if I cannot ever possibly read all the books that I now own, including my Kindle.  *grin*

A favorite quote of mine from Gretchen Reubin is, "Outer order contributes to inner calm." I really believe that this is true, therefore, I am going to purge.  I am probably going to purge something that I will miss later.  I might even have to buy that item at a thrift store.  It is time to be brave!


  1. Oh, Jenn, I hear you! I believe that saying about outer order is very, very important. It is true. I have HAD to give away and throw out so much from moving over the past five years (four moves in five years) that I miss lots of things I felt I had no choice but to get rid of. I am now much more thoughtful about purchasing in the first place! It's hard to let go of things we really wanted. You know my weakness is clothes!! Onward and upward with outward order! ;)

  2. I'm afraid as we clear out my mom's townhome little-by-little, I'm going to be storing some stuff for the girls for when they get out on their own. Do I have any storage closet? NO. It will all be sitting out like a sore thumb in our basement I'm sure. I wish you the best!