Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Snapshots From Around the Home

A few snapshots from around the home... 

 Visiting our uncle who is in the hospital. 

 Making bread. 

 Playing games. 

Messages with Scrabble letters.

Our feeder's stalker has taken two doves. :( 


  1. I like your photos from around home! Is that a hawk at the feeder? Oh my! They are beautiful creatures but they are so fierce! I have been taking bowls of water out because everything out is frozen. I've seen a few little birds but not too many. I guess everything is sort of quiet when it is so cold.

  2. We have lost more chickens this year to TWO HAWKS that seem to be planting them selves near our place... I think its because the family down the road from us no longer have chickens because thats where the Hawks used to stay ;(

    Great pictures and thanks for sharing friend

  3. Wow, thanks for the pictorial update Jenn. It's always fun to see what you are up too. Naughty hawk! Keep warm! It's -16 here, looking foward to next week's January thaw.

  4. Cute messages with Scrabble tiles. I'm sorry to read of the doves. Nature is sometimes hard to watch.

  5. We've lost a lot of chickens to hawks over the last year. We're sure not pleased to see them lurking around our place!