Saturday, January 21, 2017

Tax Season Number 11 Begins

It is hard to believe that we are back to tax season, with my dearest husband working long, long hours for the next 84 days.  Today is the first Saturday he is at work.

Eleven years ago when he started working tax season, I had three small children at home.  They were 7, 6 and 4 years old.  I can remember those long days of tax season with little children and am thankful that we are no longer in that season.  With three teenagers, tax season is a lot easier!

For instance, early this morning, I dropped off our oldest son at the high school, as he is going to an all day jazz band festival at Purdue University.  Grace is planning to decorate a birthday cake for Daddy.  We will also watch a musical, as she has decided that each Saturday in tax season is dedicated to watching a musical.  (Yes, we have that many musicals in our collection.) My youngest is currently making us a big pan of bacon and no doubt he will help me with laundry as usual.  I will be looking for things to purge while I am making a big batch of chicken noodle soup.  This first Saturday will pass quickly!

The hardest part of tax season is the lack of rest for my husband.  He gets really worn down by the end.  Sunday is his only day off and that is spent running back and forth to church two times, 30 miles each way.  Plus, he is a Sunday school worker, which is always a challenge.  Hopefully, this is our last year living so far away from work and church, as he wastes a lot of time commuting, and time is precious!


  1. Oh, I wish you strength in your busy season! It is so much easier with teens. And I wish him the energy he needs and as much rest as possible. My husband is terribly overloaded, too, and it is so hard. May God bless all of you!

  2. I'm so sorry Jenn. 84 days is a long time. I do hope & pray that by this time next year you will be in the perfect place close to everything you guys love. I was just gathering some stuff for taxes today and thinking "here we go again (sigh)". I pray your Jeff has a great tax season no matter what.