Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Day For Little Projects

Oh, these hot summer days!  What are they good for?  Being confined inside, day after day, wanting to be productive, but feeling the lure of idleness, I struggle to overcome the gravity of the couch and a good book! 

However, today, for some reason, seemed like a good day for getting little projects done.  The kind of little things that are too little to write down on a list, because the time it would take to write them down, you could finish them!

Things like...
  • take down the birthday banner
  • put away the cake plate
  • hunt for pencils in the couch (a favorite past time)
  • clean out my "office in a bag"
  • find a recipe for dinner
  • put away folding table and chairs
  • find cord to portable fan
  • make ice cubes
  • sweep off back door mat 
  • wipe down my laptop 

Nothing very glamorous or too difficult.  I could leave them undone another day and no one would really notice.  Yet,  they are little things that, if done, will make the house a nicer place to be, even if just for me.  And that makes me rather content. 


  1. I love your list. :) It's things like that that can take up a whole day, and then when I'm asked what I've done, I never know what to say. :) But like you said, it helps us be content and happy with some things done, and I like that too.

  2. Exactly, JoAnn! These are the kinds of things that fill a day, yet when they are done, only I notice. I am learning to be OK with that. Big projects do get noticed and appreciated, so that is good, too!