Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Going Against the Grain

"Do you send your kids to camp?"  That was the question put before me last evening at a gathering of dear friends.  My first thought was the angst I feel in standing behind my choices to go against the grain.  "No, we don't have the money," is the brief answer I gave, taking the easy way out. 

It is true that we don't have the cash allocated to send our 3 children to camp for $300 a week, each.  But, if it was truly important to us, we'd find a way.  There are scholarships of $50 per child available, too. 

The real reason is that I don't have a desire to send them away for a week, even to a good church camp!  A lot of my friends do send their kids to camp and each year,and I see the frenzy it causes.  The list of things they need to bring is very long and expensive.  It causes a lot of running around to gather.  And then, there is the 3 hour round trip drive with gas to pay for. 

I know that the kids who go have a wonderful time and make great friends.  I don't look down on the decision to send their kids.  I just don't see the value in sending my own children.  It would lead to a lot of disruption and expense.  Therefore, it would not line up with my desire for a simple life. 

Besides, if we want to go camping, we want it to be as a family.  These days of having a family are quickly going to end. Our oldest is already 14!  I want to be purposeful with our time left.  I don't want our family fragmented, going in different directions.  This takes courage and commitment.  It is hard to go against the grain.  But it is good! 


  1. We've never sent our kids to camp either, lots of different reasons. But I think it's great you stick to your beliefs and not let anyone influence you otherwise.

    1. It's hard not to second guess my choices. There is always that thought they are missing out, but that is true with every choice we make. We're always saying no to something else and that even might be a good thing!