Monday, July 16, 2012

Staying Mindful While Planning for Fall

It's grand to be on this side of VBS.  I feel as if I have my life back.  With this feeling comes a new sense of not wanting to waste the time I have left before school resumes.  There is much to do around here.  But, I want to be mindful of keeping a balance between work, rest, and play, too.  Part of seeking a simple life is staying mindful of this need and not feeling guilty about needed downtime.  

Our drought drab world. 

One thing I have started to do is look at our fall schedule.  I think we tried to do too much last school year.  I am thinking of dropping gym class and dance from our week.  Those two things take up more time than they are worth.

The gym class was not so effective last year as they were always having to replace the instructor and then we'd have weeks of just playing games and not learning skills.  Dance is similar.  My daughter isn't a serious dancer.  We could use the dance money to fund her art classes, which is where her true talents lie.

And with much prayer, I said yes to working in our mid-week child church program, AWANA.  I loved the girls I got to work with last year.  This will give me a chance to grow as well.  Being stretched is always good for me!  I realized this after working VBS.  I will have two personal ministries this year, AWANA and our small group.

I hope this year will be more balanced than last school year.  We really need to be home more.  We need to direct resources to their best use.  We need to be careful with our time, making sure we have time for what is important.  


  1. Sounds like some great plans. It's great to see how you are balancing out your school day. And I think it's great to fund Grace's art, something she really enjoys. I can't wait to see what she creates. :)

    1. I've finally learned that it is so much easier to add things then to take them away! I'm eager to see Grace's creations, as well. :-)

  2. Yes, it's important to plan wisely and not to put too much onto our plates.

    Miss 14 was asked to bring some of her gluten-free baking into a coffee shop since they may want to start a gluten-free line of goodies. Lots of baking, running to the store for milk, to the neighbors for cupcake papers, to the freezer for more elderberries. And then to the coffee shop to give the owner the samples and discuss prices. She was busy, but so were we all. I hope she gets the job...but I also hope she doesn't.

    Today I still have to finish planning curriculum, butcher one chicken which broke its leg, and prepare for spending a day away from home after dropping off the rest of the chickens to get butchered.

    I think I put too much onto my plate today.

    1. Oh wow, Annie Kate! That's huge! I hope you don't over do it. But it does sound exciting.