Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Joy vs. Discontentment

Just got back from a lovely bike ride with my dear husband.  We took our matching 1980's Shwinns for a spin around our neighborhood.  It was a nice morning to be outside before the heat of the day starts taking over.  I so enjoyed our easy pace and conversation.  We remarked how we both enjoy being up early, even on a mid-week holiday. It might have been nice to sleep in, but we knew that this morning was our only chance to ride together until the weekend.  It's times like this morning that I find great joy in my life. 

Last night, I felt unrest in my heart.  We went $15 over budget buying extra food to have our family over for a cook out today.  Money can be very tight and I long to bless others, but there are not extra funds.

I sometimes feel frustrated that God does not choose to give me resources to bless others.  I feel bad when someone needs meals or has some other financial need and I cannot help them without taking food out of my family's mouths. 

So, I woke up this morning  thinking about how to increase my income, but in the end realized that finding ways to bless others does not always take money, if I give of myself, with a glad heart.  I also pray for others, with diligence.

I know that the Lord will provide.  He always does.  I am praying He will increase my giving budget and that I will continue to find ways to bless others in the meantime.


  1. Jenn, I am right there with you. We have been on the receiving end SO many times and that is a huge blessing, but oh it would be so fun to be on the giving end! Maybe God knows I am not generous enough at heart to get the better blessing. ??

    And you are right, blessing others does not always take money. A note, a phone call, a listening ear, a plate of brownies, these are all nice gifts. :)

    1. Sally, I wonder the same thing about me. I probably would not be as generous as I think I am without the resources! It might be all about ME in the end. :-(

  2. I think we all deal with this, I know I do. I think there are seasons when we can give more financially than other times. The Lord knows and will use us as He wants to use us, as long as we are available to Him. :)

  3. Give and the Lord will give to you, pressed down and running over if I know my Bible right. I have found that the blessings of giving come not when we give from our abundance, but from our need. When we sacrifice what we need and give to others in need, that is when God can and always blesses back. If I simply give from my abundance, then I'm not sure I will ever experience the real blessings back.

    I cannot tell you how many times we have done this and the Lord has amazed us with more than we gave in the first place. So, while giving those notes, cards, and prayers are always important, the true exercise of our faith comes when we sacrifice and give from our need.

    Think about the widow who gave her last drop of oil to Elijah (I Kings 7:7-24) and the widow who gave her last two coins into the Temple treasury (Luke 21:1-4). God called her out for her faith and, both of these widows gave everything they had. It takes so much faith and yet, once you do it, you will be amazed to see the Lord's hand move and you will never have to be concerned. Everything we have is because the Lord gives it to us...and nothing we keep is our own. It is all the Lord's and it is He that gives the increase!

    So go ahead and give to others in need and take from your need and when you do that in faith, expecting nothing in return, the Lord will always, always bless you more abundantly in return. I guarantee it!

  4. You bless me every day.

    OK lady I love you bye bye!