Friday, July 27, 2012

First Fruits!

A harvest of sorts awaits us....

82 days after planting, the cherry tomato is going to give us a little taste!  The package said 70 days to maturation.  With this extreme heat and drought, I am happy to get anything at this point.

Our little sunflower bloomed yesterday, too!  I always feel so happy when I look at a sunflower.  And this one is kind of special, as it was a volunteer!  It's like a gift from above, encouraging me along my way.

This summer has been a hard one. I am deeply affected by the drought and heatwave.  I feel utterly helpless and dependent on my Father in Heaven for relief.  Yet, He doesn't chose to send relief to us.  So, I wait and hope....  and smile at this gift. 

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  1. So sorry about the drought, but glad that you are getting some things from your garden. And so thankful our Lord is in control.