Thursday, July 19, 2012

Surviving the Drought

The garden is surviving despite the drought, but certainly not thriving.  There is no harvest.  It's a shame, too.  I am going to keep watering with the hopes that the green tomatoes will ripen one day.  I moved the plants to a spot that gets afternoon shade.  The triple digit temperatures are just too much for them, I suppose. The good news is that we got half an inch of rain the last two days.  And the temperatures are cooler today.  I am thankful!  Maybe there is hope for my poor tomatoes after all.  There are lots of little ones just waiting to turn red. 

Will they like this spot? 


Green beans with no beans. 

Cabbage and broccoli. 

The herb patch.  Bees are loving the mint! 

Thriving at last. 


  1. Oh I hope that you get some water soon. Your plants do look a little dehydrated. :)

  2. Your plants look like they are doing well in spite of the drought! I hope you get some green beans soon.